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Online PhD without dissertation is a way of pursuing a PhD using work experience that offers a different and unique approach compared to the traditional route. Some exceptional programs even eliminate the need for a lengthy and conventional doctoral dissertation and certain doctorate degrees may not necessarily include a research component.

While a traditional PhD journey usually encompasses five years of extensive research and culminates in a lengthy dissertation, it is crucial to note that there are alternate pathways available that allow individuals to bypass such arduous written requirements, making the pursuit of a PhD a more flexible and customizable experience.

Many students who wish to get a PhD get scared away as a result of the dissertation requirements that unnecessarily prolong the completion time for a PhD. However, with our list of 10 online PhD without dissertations, we have ensured that we touched across all sectors and industries. Be it finance, administration, health, arts or whatever career you wish to pursue, there is an online doctorate that does not require a dissertation for you.

Why Online PhDs Without Dissertations Are the Future

The process of writing a dissertation showcases one’s academic abilities. A doctoral thesis aims to make a discovery or contribute to human knowledge. However, the pressure to continuously make progress and the fear of making mistakes can be demotivating. The current academic culture values progress over learning experiences. This repetition and fear of failure often lead to dropouts or increased completion time. The system needs a shortcut, such as online PhD programs without dissertations, hence one can say online PhDs without dissertations are the future for the following reasons.

  1. Fast Track to Expertise

Online doctoral programs are designed to help you further specialize in your academic area of career. You can obtain your PhD in your field of Psychology or another field in Counseling. Each doctoral program sets its own curriculum requirements so it is best to research course requirements at several schools to find a program that best fits your career goals. Some online 1-year PhD programs in Europe skip the dissertation and instead require a capstone writing project. This project consists of publishable scholarly articles on a topic in the field of study.

  1. Saves Money and Time

Online PhD study can provide a more cost-effective and time-efficient path to a PhD. Students can work from their own homes on their schedules as opposed to relocating. This means that they can continue in their present employment or seek work whilst studying. The cost of living for a student living away from home can usually be saved.

  1. Work-Life Harmony Redefined

Another reason that many individuals cite for considering online PhD programs without dissertation programs is work-life redefinition. Many students work full-time jobs, have families, or have other obligations that make it difficult to attend traditional PhD programs. Hence with online doctorate studies, they can comfortably attend classes from anywhere without distorting their schedules.

  1. It Focuses on What Matters

These online PhD programs focus on streamlined coursework that equips you with the practical skills and knowledge you need to excel in your chosen field. This means less time spent on theoretical research and more time developing the expertise that will make you a valuable asset in the workforce.

The following can be said to be the benefits of pursuing an online PhD without a dissertation. Now you have more reasons to get an online PhD, let us see the top disciplines where you can earn your doctorate online without a dissertation.

Top Online PhD Without Dissertation

Top Online PhD Without DissertationIn the past few years, online PhD programs have come a long way. Students no longer have to be concerned about dealing with a dissertation. There are online PhD programs now that include a doctoral thesis as part of their curriculum. There are also some with a concentration or minor in an area which would exempt one from the traditional written dissertation. Here top online PhD programs without dissertations that can help you to reach your educational goals.

NB: All wage data are obtained as of May 2021, from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics

  1. Accounting

Accounting PhD programs are primarily designed for those individuals interested in pursuing careers in academic research and teaching, financial management, budget analysis and taxation. The programs provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the accounting discipline and research methodologies through a set of doctoral core courses and a major area of concentration.

Median Wage: $76,570

  1. Psychology

The Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) is a professional doctoral degree intended to prepare graduates for a career in psychology practice and the use of psychotherapeutic methods. Online PsyD programs are structured with coursework. While very similar to the PhD in Psychology, the PsyD is more focused on the clinical aspects of psychology as opposed to research.

Median Wage: $105,310

  1. Computer & ICT

Accredited online PhD programs in Computer and ICT are on the rise. Companies are wising up to the fact that technology is a rapidly expanding field, and many folks in the field have a very theoretical mindset that can be beneficial in realizing larger company goals. When you are trying to find an online PhD program in computer and ICT, keep in mind that this field is quite broad with many viable specializations.

Median Wage: $159,010

  1. Nursing & Healthcare Administration

An online degree can provide a more flexible option for getting your degree in nursing or healthcare, especially if you are working a full-time job and cannot afford to take time off to further your studies. This program can open doors to jobs in higher education, policy-making, and leadership roles in healthcare. In today’s technologically advanced world, a nurse can earn one of these PhDs online without having to break the make or adjust his/her schedule.

Median Wage: $123,780

  1. Public Administration

The public administration specialization provides an understanding of environmental factors and organizational theory in public organizations. The substantial challenges and opportunities offered in the Public and Non-Profit sectors of society have grown larger and more complex. Both senior and mid-level managers as well as entry-level ones seek to gain the knowledge and expertise to understand these challenges and be equipped with the fine skills essential to solve problems and seize opportunities.

Median Wage: $74,000

  1. Public Health

Public health promotes, protects, and improves community health. Specialists solve problems through collaboration, advocating prevention and better quality of life. The specialty combines nursing, medicine, social and behavioural sciences, and physical sciences.

Interested in becoming a public health doctor and obtaining an academic qualification? You can get an online PhD in Public Health as it is one of the top doctorate degrees you can get online without a dissertation.

Median Wage: $99,040

  1. Business Administration

The Doctor of Business Administration offers specializations to meet current trends in industry and business. Students in the DBA program choose to focus their studies on organizational leadership, marketing and innovation, or through a custom-designed option to meet their unique career goals.

Online DBA programs are designed to fit the lifestyle of busy professionals. Coursework, assignments, group projects, and exams are completed on the student’s own time through our engaging and interactive online platform and are supported by faculty with real-world experience. This learning model provides the ultimate in flexibility, convenience, and quality.

Median Wage: $131,710

  1. Education

The online PhD in education is typically geared towards developing the skills required for leadership in an institution, public or private. For this reason, many teachers and other faculty members are pressured into a PhD program even if they have no intention of leaving their current positions. The skills developed in an education PhD program translate highly to other fields such as adult education or curriculum development. Therefore, an online PhD in education can open up many doors to a student seeking a career in various areas.

Median Wage: $98,420

  1. Finance

The field of finance is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the business industry today. Enrolling in an online doctoral program in finance will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of advanced finance theory, international and corporate finance, and econometrics. Online PhD programs in finance are offered and enable students to become experts in their field of financial management.

Median Wage: $208,000

  1. Management

A management career is highly credible, with the main objective of achieving goals effectively and efficiently. Obtaining a management degree is advantageous for future career advancement. Many try to pursue a management degree but find it difficult due to job and family commitments. Online PhD programs without a dissertation offer a solution, allowing flexibility in studying.

Median Wage: $179,520


What is a PhD without A Dissertation?

PhD programs without dissertations offer alternative final projects, like capstones or exams, allowing faster completion and potentially a stronger focus on practical applications of your knowledge in the chosen field.

Can I get A PhD Without a Dissertation?

Yes, there are quite simple ways to obtain a PhD without doing a dissertation. Often, this can be done by taking an intensive program of study that is equivalent to a traditional-style PhD. It can also be done on an individual basis, working closely with a supervisor. In essence, this achieves the same thing as a normal PhD.

What is the Quickest and Easiest PhD to Get?

There’s no shortcut to a PhD, but some fields like education or programs with coursework emphasis and alternative final projects might offer a faster track. Remember, a PhD demands dedication; finding a program you’re passionate about is key.

How Fast Can You Get a PhD?

If you have a relevant educational background, you can potentially skip coursework and complete your PhD in 3 years. Most programs require 3-4 years of study. Passing a competency test is usually necessary to skip coursework. Proper preparation can speed up the process.

Which PhD Pays the most?


Can PhD Programs Without Dissertations Be Found Online?

Yes! PhD programs without dissertation obligations can be found online. Most of them are the ones listed above. These programs are often in education and business fields and can be completed in as little as 18 to 24 months.

Can Online PhD Programs Get Funding?

Yes! Some online doctoral students can receive financial assistance through fellowships, assistantships, or scholarships. Explore options to pursue a PhD without a dissertation. Funding availability varies, and completing coursework and exams may be necessary for funding. Contact the division or school to inquire about opportunities.

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