Top 10 Higher Education Host Destinations Globally

Pursuing higher education such as a Master’s or PhD is a very good way to achieve professional, financial, and academic development for the future. To achieve this milestone, international students must consider the top higher education host destinations in the world. Of course, this will help them acquire a postgraduate degree that is acceptable anywhere in the world.

The choice to study abroad, as well as determining the appropriate academic institution, can be both gratifying and overwhelming. Higher education must embody a dynamic that extends beyond just technical proficiency. The top degree programs of the world are extremely competitive, making a strong academic foundation a must.

This is why you must consider Countries Offering Affordable Doctoral Degrees and are as well, the top higher education host destinations. It is on this premise that I introduce you to the top 10 higher education host destinations. I hope this helps to narrow down your search.

Why Go For Higher Education?

There are various reasons why higher education is important; some of these reasons are self-explanatory, while others are not. Individuals go for postgraduate education for numerous reasons – some for career development, some for executive positions like those going for Executive Doctorate Degrees, others for career switch and so on. Nevertheless, here are some of the top reasons for higher education;

  • It could well enable you to take on a research degree or even to continue studying for a professional qualification.
  • Higher education is an avenue to pick up more in-depth knowledge and understanding about a certain subject.
  • A postgraduate degree can help you develop many personal skills, such as communication and teamwork skills.
  • Postgraduate study is attractive and something employers find beneficial.
  • Self-fulfillment is another obvious reason for pursuing higher education, as you will learn about yourself and possibly develop new or hidden skills which may lead to a door being opened that could enhance your life in ways not previously found.

Top 10 Higher Education Host Destinations in The World

Top 10 Higher Education Host Destinations GloballyTo international students, the thought of going for higher education brings new opportunities and the avenue to engage with other cultural experiences. To achieve these, international students must consider going for higher education in the top countries of the world.

Here are the top 10 higher education host destinations in the world and these countries provide a combination of outstanding academic quality, vibrant cultural atmosphere, and unique student experiences. They are home to renowned universities and active student communities.

  1. United States

The United States tops the list of higher education host destinations globally, hosting almost one-fifth of the world’s international students. According to the Project Atlas 2017 study, the Canadian Bureau for International Education reported that the US recorded an astounding 1,078,822 international students seeking to acquire knowledge and skills, particularly in science and technology.

Among the QS World University Ranking, over five out of the top 10 universities in the world are from the United States. These include both public and private universities that offer a wide range of degree and non-degree programs. Pursuing higher education in the US provides cultural, social, and intellectual growth opportunities, as well as practical skills for future professional work.

Graduates from American universities are highly sought after by employers worldwide, thanks to internship programs and international experience. Planning is important for students who want to study in the US, as there are many choices available. Don’t miss the opportunity to pursue higher education in the United States.

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  1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom takes second place on this list of best Higher Education Host Destinations Globally. Over 70,000 international students seek higher education in the UK annually and currently, there are over 500,000 international students from over 20 countries in the UK, thanks to the comprehensive programs it offers.

International students choose to pursue their studies in the country because of the progressive teaching and learning style adopted in UK institutions, rich cultural experience and a world-renowned education system. The UK also provides international students with Menial Job opportunities to earn money while studying.

When compared to the USA, the higher education system can often appear bewildering to those unfamiliar with it. If you are contemplating where to go for higher between the USA and the United Kingdom, read our detailed comparison here Getting a PhD in the UK vs Getting a PhD in the USA. The United Kingdom is full of interesting and diverse cultures that make it a safe, popular and exciting place to study.

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  1. Canada

Canada, another North American country follows, with home and habitant to well over 370,000 international students. Canada holds one of the top spots globally when it comes to leading study-abroad destinations. The diverse range of education programs, affordable and quality education, and multicultural society make Canada one of the most attractive places to study from all over the world.

The system of higher education in Canada is also considered to be one of the most advanced in the world. Canada is also known for its high-quality education at reasonable tuition fees. The Canadian student visa is a hot point in the world because of the many advantages that other countries cannot give, such as health care, permanent residency opportunities and academic benefits.

With the best provinces for PhD students seeking PR in Canada, where to live is never a problem as student life is colorful and varied because of various activities such as outdoor and indoor sports, cultural activities, music activities and groups, volunteer and charity work, and many others. Life in Canada is made even better by access to vast outdoor spaces and leisure activities. Breathtaking landscapes can be found close to major cities, leading to a high quality of life for students.

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  1. China

Close to the most populous nation in the world (India), in what promises to be an ever-increasing interest in higher education in China, foreign students flock to the country putting it at position four in the list of the top 10 study destination countries. With not only its fast-growing economy but also its very rich culture, different and alternatives in geography and habits, it is no wonder that China is becoming much more attractive to international students.

There are over 2,000 universities and colleges, among which the most prestigious are Peking University and Tsinghua University. There are over 440,000 international students in China as of 2017 and they are studying in 31 provinces in China. On top of the quality education, affordable study costs are also one of the main advantages of China. The cost of living in China is also low, but the tuition costs can be high.

  1. Australia

Australia also offers a very dynamic and lively environment for higher education in terms of a globally recognized education system, modern facilities, and a highly qualified faculty. Australia’s higher education system is comprised of independent universities and higher education institutions that are linked to each other through a network of legislation and national schemes.

Ranked number 5 on the list of Best Host Nations for International Students, Australia lays a high level of emphasis on the formation of a positive learning environment that is conducive to the holistic development of a student. The students who wish to study in Australia will be required to apply for an Australian Student Visa. which enables them to undertake full-time study in Australia.

  1. France

As one of the Best Host Nations for International Students, France has been a popular study destination for many years. It is renowned for its high standards in postgraduate study and also has a rich history in the field of research and innovation. Higher education in France is given praise around the world. This is evident by the fact that many of its universities rank highly in world league tables.

France is a country with a thriving student population and a rich culture; perfect for any student looking to study abroad. As well as its rich history, the country also has a lot of modern attractions for students to enjoy in their spare time. From picturesque landscapes to world-famous cuisine, it is easy to see why so many students fall in love with the French lifestyle.

  1. Russia

Russia is ranked 7th hosting higher education students from all around the world with an increasing number of international students choosing to study in Russia. The country has recently implemented reforms to its education system and, as a result, its universities are rising in world rankings. Not only that, Russia also has several public and private universities on offer for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, in 2018, around 297,000 international students were studying in Russia which was a 20% increase from the previous year 2017. The most popular subjects among international students in Russia are Engineering, Mining and Exploration, and Physics and the country is the world’s top oil producer and second top oil exporter with 9.5 million barrels a day.

  1. Germany

In 8th place among the top 10 higher education host nations, Germany has one of the largest higher education systems in Europe! There are around 426 higher education institutions throughout the country with a total of 2.8 million students. 339 institutions are state-run and 87 are private institutions.

Through the ‘Excellence Initiative’, Germany’s higher education system is being improved to become one of the best in the world, which is vitally important to create a space for science, research and innovation.

  1. Japan

Japan is an amazing country to pursue higher education. The country has over 780 universities; amongst these, 83 are national, 92 are public, and 605 are private universities. Japanese higher education institutions provide degree courses according to international standards. The primary language of instruction is Japanese, and an internationally recognized Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or another proficiency test is required for exchange students.

There are tons of scholarships available to international students in Japan. The main funding bodies are the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and also Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) for exchange students.

  1. Spain

In Spain, there are over 70 universities, both public and private, available to students pursuing postgraduate education. There are a variety of subject areas that international students can choose from, including engineering and technology, humanities, sciences, health, and social sciences, just like in the United States.

More and more programs in Spain are also being offered in English, including many of the Master’s programs. This allows students from all over the world and with varying levels of proficiency in Spanish to take advantage of the high-quality education offered in Spain. These programs are helping to internationalize Spanish higher education and research, but the national and regional governments and universities are also working to make Spain a more attractive place to study for international students.

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